Commercial Painting Services

Commercial Painting Inc. offers commercial painting services to all type’s of businesses.

Commercial Businesses

Our mission is to capture the essence of your business and to enhance your professional life by adding color to your world! Commercial Painting Inc is known as the team that provides five star quality.

Interior & Exterior

Whether you are looking for interior or exterior painting for your commercial space, we’ve got you covered. Every job is unique, that’s why you need someone experienced who can adapt to whatever the demands of your business’ paint job might be.

Painting done right. You’ll want to show it off!

Our company is focused on quality. We manage every project from beginning to end. Our painting professionals provide numerous services including color consultation. Helping you find the right color for your surroundings. With upfront pricing, ensuring that you have access to a detailed plan with no hidden costs. Communication is key for us. We always make sure to stay in touch with clients—you deserve to know what is happening and when!

Image Gallery

An Image gallery of actual commercial painting jobs done by Commercial Painting Inc.! Showing you how we get painting done right!

Frequently Asked Painting Questions

When Can I Expect My Estimate?

In most cases for an on-site estimate it’ll take between 1-4 days, we provide you with a printed proposal at the end of the on-site estimate, along with a price that includes all materials and labor.

What Should I Do to Prepare for the Painting After We Sign a Contract?

Prior to your painting service, we ask that you move fragile or breakable items-for example, pictures, glassware, and electronic devices-when possible. We can move furniture and even a wall-mounted TV if needed. Upon completion of the room, we move everything back into place.

Can You Also Repair My Drywall or Rotten Wood?

As a painting company that prides itself on quality and professionalism, we can repair holes and cracks in drywall before we start painting.

How Will the Paint Be Applied?

While each job varies, a combination of brush and roll is typically used to paint walls, ceilings, and trim. Our painting contractors spray cabinetry for a high-quality finish. Exterior siding is commonly sprayed.

Why Should I Choose Commercial Painting Inc Painters?

Commercial Painting Inc paints the right way. Plus, we take the time needed for a professional, quality paint job, offering thorough prep services and quality inspections.

Request An Estimate

When requesting an estimate please call the number below, to discus your next project!

(307) 674-7271

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